10 Great Gift Ideas for Groomsmen Under $35

It means a lot when your close circle of friends stops everything they’re doing and come to support you on your big day. And as custom dictates, despite the boys taking care of their transport and accommodation while preparing for your wedding day, you need to give something back to them – in the form of a gift.

But which one should you give, given that the wedding has already put a dent in your wallet?

Don’t worry. There are plenty of options you can choose from. Even better, for this piece, we’ll look at 10 amazing gifts for your groomsmen that will take you back no more than $35. So read on.

1. A Handy Gift Set

Can’t decide whether to get your groomsmen sunglasses, bottle openers, a beer mug or cigar cutter? Why not get them all?

With this groomsman gift set, you get a pair of sunglasses, a metallic bottle opener, a clear acrylic mug written cheers on the side, cigar cutter with black tuxedo design, and a beverage sleeve, insulated and black in color, with Groomsman written on it.

Better yet, they come packed in an amazing, wood-finished gift box.

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2. Elegant Leather Wallets

You know your groomsmen spent a lot of money to ensure your big day goes well. That means, at the end of it all, their wallets should be battered. So, why not help them get rid of their beaten up wallets by gifting them new ones, made out of fine leather?

The design language here is simple but elegant. And more importantly, there are a lot of colors to choose from, so you’ll have the flexibility of choosing what works best for who. And even better, these wallets are customizable meaning you get to engrave their names on it.

For how much? Just $34.

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3. Personalized Cufflinks Gift Set

When it comes to men’s clothing, there’s a lot you can choose from. And even narrowing down to their accessories, there are cufflinks, tie clips, money clips, and more that you have to wrap your head over.

Why not get them all in one set? Better yet, personalized by engraving each groomsman’s name?

This cufflinks gift set can serve as a nice all-in-one clothing accessories gift for the boys. With this gift set, you get a standard cufflink, 2” x 1” money clip, and a 1.75” tie clip. All these are nicely packed in a wooden gift box.

For how much? Just $34.03.

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4. Personalized, Collapsible Leather Valet

Let’s get low on the budget. If you’re looking for something cheap but very appealing, then this personalized, collapsible leather valet should be your best choice.

Since it can be personalized, you can have each groomsman’s name engraved on it. The packaging is also nicely done, with a wooden box being used to hold the leather valet in.

Say the boys already have a nice set of cuff links, jewelry, or are having trouble with where to put their car keys and spare change. If that’s the case, then this valet will suit them perfectly.

For how much? $19.99.

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5. Key Chain for the Petrol Heads

Do you and the boys love taking road trips? Are you certified petrol heads? Then this gift will be perfect for them.

This monogrammed, personalized key chain, suited for race car enthusiasts, will serve as a long-lasting memory of your sincere gratitude to your groomsmen for their support. The one above features an Indy race car, designed out of metal. And on the floor of the car, you can have each groomsman’s name engraved, giving the gift a bit more personal touch.

This one goes for $11.99.

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6. A Customized Baseball Bat

Marrying the love of your life was a perfect home run for you. So why not commemorate this day with your groomsmen by gifting them a personalized baseball bat? This mini baseball bat doesn’t measure as big as the original ones but adds a good measure of humor to the whole wedding.

Moreover, if your groomsmen happen to be baseball aficionados, then this gift will stick with them for a very long time – probably even give the single ones a home run of their own.

With $23.99, you can bag this one home.

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7. Decanter with Personalized Initials

Who’s taking care of the barware once you guys meet again? Well, you can. If you and your groomsmen are drinking buddies, then gifting them a personalized decanter will be a memorable way of saying thank you.

This decanter features a huge initial that can be engraved with any letter that you want – representing the groomsman’s name or nickname. It features a beveled glass stopper that gives the whole decanter a sophisticated look.

So it’s worth more than a fine bottle of whiskey? Not really. This will set you back $33.03.

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8. Personalized Wall Mounted Beer Opener

Speaking of liquor, if your groomsmen don’t fancy whiskey, then this wall mounted beer opener might be the next best gift. The great thing about this item is that apart from being very conspicuous – thus hard to ever get out of sight and mind, it shouts of more personalization simply because the groomsmen’s names will never be engraved in letters larger than this.

And if you happen to have a shy one in the group, his name can be scaled down a bit. It’s all about what works for you.

Before they start cracking open beer bottle with this, you’ll need to part with $29.00.

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9. Matching Groomsmen T-shirts

Wait, matching t-shirts? That’s lame.

Well, not really. And here’s why.

If you are looking for uniformity once you guys head for the after-party right after the wedding, then matching t-shirts would do the trick. The main takeaway is that they’ll distinguish you from the rest.
But what of afterward? Suppose you two meet again for the anniversary, these matching t-shirts would serve as a good reminder of the splendid day you had one, two, or three years ago.

For how much?

Well, this set here goes for $14.98.

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10. Personalized Grilling Apron

If your groomsmen love barbeque, then this gift is the perfect choice for them. This white grilling apron will make for something fun and memorable. Better yet, when you’ll be hanging out in the future over some beer and steak, all of you may be wearing this, reminiscing over the fun you had on your special day.

This apron comes with an adjustable strap, so any person of any height can wear it. And you also have the flexibility of engraving each one’s name on it, giving it a more personal touch.

You’ll only need to burn $22.99 to get one.

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