• How much does a wedding cost?
    This is very hard to say until we know a few details as this all depending on your thoughts and especially number of guests, time of year and location.
  • What flavors are available for the wedding cake?
    You have many choices  nearly all varieties what’s your favorite.
  • What is the best way to travel with a wedding dress?
    Any arrangement for transportation of a wedding dress should be discussed directly with your airline carrier.
  • Is there Tuxedo rental available in the island?
    There are some companies which offer this service , especially the Photography companies.
  • Who will assist me with my wedding once I arrive?
    Our team will be happy to assist you ,  we will have a pre wedding meeting and also a technical meeting to go through all the final pieces before your wedding day.
  • When do I finalize my wedding details?
    Details should be finalized 1 month to 2 weeks prior depending on the venue of choice.
  • Is my wedding legal in the country where I reside?
    Yes, the marriage is a legally binding marriage as long as you follow the rules and regulations of the country  you get married in.
  • What are the different types of ceremonies I can choose from for my wedding?
    You have a Commitment ceremony which is non legally binding,  you also have a Balinese Blessing ceremony ( which has similar aspects to a Balinese wedding,  as this cannot be done unless you are Balinese), Legal Protestant ceremony which you have to state you are of Protestant faith to hold.  We also work with the Buddhist and Catholic faiths.
  • Are there any special inclusions for weddings with a group of rooms?
    Some company’s do offer discounted rates for larger bookings,  please do send us an enquiry for more information
  • Can I bring down my own wedding decor items and favors?
    Yes you can,but please note these are not allowed to be taken from the ecosystem and transported from one country to another.
  • Are medical/or blood test required to get married?
    No,  not in Indonesia.