How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Location

What you need to know, whether you envision a chapel ceremony or a beachy bash.

3 Things to Consider

1. How many guests do you want, and how mobile are they?

Is your dream wedding small or a Broadway-worthy production? Your answer may determine the location. Why? Even though the day is about you, it’s also about your guests. If your closest friends all have toddlers, is it fair to request their presence at a safari wedding? If relatives are elderly, can you expect them to make it safely to the beach? You won’t be able to please everyone, but consider making a concession or two if it means your loved ones will attend. Here at Weddings by Natalie we can assist you with these ideas.

2. Do you want a religious ceremony?

  • A traditional religious ceremony may have to be held in a place of worship, so be sure to ask up front. Here in Indonesia to be legally Married you have to be of some religion and you and your partner must be of the same religion.
  • consider having the ceremony at a neutral location,. Talk early on with both families about your decisions.
  • If organized religion does not play a role in your lives but you want to incorporate a spiritual element, consider hosting the ceremony in a natural setting, such as a beach or a park (be sure to ask about a permit).
  • A unique location:You may have your heart set on a big wedding-day hoedown in a picturesque venue, There’s also Mother Nature to keep in mind, so think about the time of year you would like to get married,  the best times are always the dryer times, although the climate is pretty hard to decie on these days. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony or reception, you’ll need a backup plan in the case of rain,.
  • Inside Locations: This establishment depending on the venue can only hold a certain number of guests so be sure you have a good idea of this number 🙂

3. Have you thought about the view you would like to see?

There are many options here in Bali, from Beach. Cliff and Jungle.  Have a think about what you would like to seein your photos,  and if you would likethe sunset in these as there is only one side of the Island in which these can be seen.

Also its always to good to have some greenery around for shade and also its good for lighting.

4. Will you require a sit down dinner or casual reception?

In regards to the size of your venue deciding on this is quite important as if you decide on having a sitdown dinner it will have to be larger than if you are having a standing cocktail party. 

5. Most importantly What month are you thinking of having your special day ?

This is an important thing to decide as it effects the cost as peak season is allot more expensive than low season,  also you have to think about whether it is dry or rainy season, even though no matter what time of year it is we will always have a back up plan.

Also the cost of flights is always cheaper out of the school holidays for your guests etc  and also its not quite so busy.

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