Table plan ideas

Once you’ve managed to whittle down your guest list, sent out invites, received your RSVPs and come up with a final seating plan – you can move on to more fun projects…like the table plan!!
Bali Weddings by Natalie has whittled down some ideas for here’s our 10 favourite table plan ideas for your wedding day.


These window frames make a lovely display. Try searching local scrap yards, eBay, Freecycle even keep your eyes open for a skip…you never know what you might find while foraging… Or here in Bali our team can assist you with some ideas then, just a simple glass paint pen is all you need to make it look pretty. If you’re not a fan of your own handwriting, ask a friend who has a neater script than you to help out. Or your wedding planner may oblige


Blackboards at weddings aren’t going anywhere…and we’re happy about that because we LOVE them! You can essentially create your own blackboard using any frame you like and some blackboard paint.. Again, if you’re worried about handwriting, ask a family member, friend or the Wedding Planner


A great choice for making something personal and remind you of home or holidays – name your tables after places that are special to you as a couple, and mark them on the map using pins.
There are lots of different style of map (!?) out there – you can go down the vintage route, use a sailing map for a beach wedding, Map of the country where you are from say Australia, how about a map of the London tube system? A map of the world by oceans? A map of your home county? A map of the solar system?? Or even a map of Star Signs))) There are sooooo many options its endless


This is one of my personal favourites – an old door, add a Bali feel of history and have a Balinese door, paint similar to your colour theme, say yellow with simple card print-outs glued to it.
This can be easily personalized to match your colour scheme and stationery, like at this relaxed pub wedding.


Similar to a Blackboard a white glass pen can be used to write the names on remember the friends and family are there to help

Laser cut – This one is pretty epic to be honest. The dresser itself is beautiful and has been covered in over 100 laser cut named and numbered chairs with the request ‘please take your seat.
A lot of trouble yes, but so worth the effort!!


Maybe use a cross word or scrabble board Find your Face
Plus, its great to challenge your guests for their great night ahead …… and this seating plan makes you work for your dinner!!


A easier option to put together is this crate and picture frame display – perfect for a rustic wedding.
I love how the names have been attached with mini pegs and each crate represents one table. The addition of single stems in pretty vases and candle holders and the framed ‘take your seats’ sign makes it a lovely looking display. You can find lots of things that would help you create this display at The Wedding Of My Dreams.

Potted Plants

Such a lovely idea for a summer wedding, and a fun project for you or for a green-fingered friend or family member – potted plants just always look so beautiful.
You could also give the potted plants to the Mum’s and older family members as gifts after the wedding. Great as gifts and perfect for the green natural feel


These are great for the cards as well as your seating plan many different sizes and colours can be found here in Bali for your wedding

Favourite Bands / Old Records

These can be made to fit the theme, your personnel favourites, family and friends favourites, and even play some of the songs in the night

I hope we have inspired you for your Bali Wedding to be
Lots of love,