Nic and Endora

Nic and Endora came from Malaysia to Bali with their families and friends for a holiday.
Nic had a special mission on the trip- to propose his girlfriend. He asked us to help arrange a special setting for the proposal.

Nic was very nervous while waiting for his girlfriend at the café. When she finally arrived at K-resto with their family and friends, Nic headed out to the beach from inside the café with a bouquet in his hand.

The simple romantic set up at K-resto, a beach front café located in Double Six, Seminyak, and us were the witnesses when Nic kneeled down on the sand to propose Endora.
We were elated to hear that Endora said YES!

We were so happy for this lovely couple and glad to help with their engagement.
Congrats Nic and Endora!