Raelane and Brent

We met Raelane and Brent a day before their big day at K-Resto for a small meeting. They were indeed a lovely couple and were eagerly anticipating their upcoming wedding. In fact, their joy was barely contained.

Their wedding was only a small affair with only ten attendees including the bride and groom. While the wedding was small in scale, we helped make certain that the wedding details were covered and the necessary preparations were in place.
On their wedding day, our driver picked Brent up at his villa in the afternoon to go to the Shampoo Lounge in Seminyak for a shave and a haircut in order to make certain that he looked his best. At the same time, Raelane was having her make-up and hair done at Glo Spa in Seminyak.

As soon as she was ready, the bride-to-be arrived at K-Resto with her bridesmaid Peter and her friend Pom for the early evening ceremony. Promptly at 5 o’clock promptly the ceremony music started and Peter walked down the aisle followed by Raelane and Pom. The groom was already standing at the alter with his best man, anxiously awaiting his beautiful bride.

The ceremony went well on a rather windy day on beachfront of K-Resto. It was a bit cloudy during the ceremony, but the sun broke through in time for a fabulous sunset that served as the perfect backdrop for the photoshoot of our lovely couple.
The wedding then continued as canapes were served for the guests to enjoy. After dark, the guests were treated to a customary fire dance before heading back to the villa to enjoy a delicious dinner.

Congratulations Raelane and Brent! Your small, simple, and very intimate wedding will provide you with enough great memories to last a lifetime!